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Strata, Staines

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Strata, Staines

Ashby House underwent a thorough internal and external deep refurbishment, with a 'back-to-frame' structural approach to compliment the linearity of its redesign.

Proposed as a new headquarters office building, the design maximized natural light levels, an impressive triple height entrance lobby and a striking external appearance; all wrapped around an urban garden to it's central courtyard. The existing 1980's building consisted of a dated clocktower, signage and dull brickwork. The original underlying structure and base plinth were retained, and the general massing of it's predecessor is no longer today.

Bell Hammer
Staines,Middlesex, UK
Completed 2015

image credits: esa architects / capita real estate & infrastructure



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The images on this page are from ESA Architects, a trading name of Capita Real Estate & Infrastructure. Employees now at Helix Architecture, previously worked on these projects when working for ESA Architects.  For more information on this project, please visit www.esa-ltd.com for their contact details.