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Feasibility Studies - V

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Concept Stage 2

Helix Architecture have been appointed by the client to prepare a feasibility study and subsequent planning application for works to five freehold adjoining sites in a busy shopping district in London. 

The appraisal is to assess the development opportunities to improve the employment generating retail space and improve both the existing poor 1980’s frontage and the street level retail frontage. The scheme consists of modification of 3 retail units from basement level through to first floor, change of use of two first floor residential units and a first-floor office to retail.

The ground and first floor will serve as retail space with a small cafe/bar “entrance” off the main road. The basement level and small second floor space will serve as the stock room for the retail units. The aim is to visually connect the retail facade of the three units to create one continuous frontage, yet respond to the terraced vernacular architecture of the adjacent streets. The current facade is poor, lacks symmetry and does not provide a proportionally pleasing solution for the form of the building.

location WITHHELD, UK
COnceiveD 2017

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